Pittsburgh Heat Hip Hop Dance Company 

300 Camp Horne Road Pittsburgh Pa 15202  

412-969-8344  Email

Pittsburgh Heat Hip Hop Dance Company (PHDC), located in Pittsburgh, Pa is a drop-in dance center for children and adults ages three and up. Offering hip hop, break dancing, popping and locking techniques, flips and trick styles since opening in 2005. No experience is necessary, as the instructors teach each class in a step-by-step method and introduce something new each session. Dance crews are also currently adding members if you have more experienced dancers in the family. In addition, private lessons are available for those who don’t yet feel confident enough to participate in a group class. PHDC is an award winning studio with convenient class times and qualified teachers. If you are looking for classes with age appropriate instruction you are in the right place. 

Don't be fooled by Jazz moves put to Hip Hop music: PHDC is the real deal. Our goal is simply... to inspire others through dance. Teaching people how to think... not what to think. Ten years ago, we took urban dance styles from the streets & created a facility where we could offer it to the masses.  Stop in & see why Hip Hop is known as " the fastest growing culture of the past 3 decades."

We can't wait to meet you !